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Who are The Tooth Sleuths?

What dental services does the Tooth Sleuths team actually provide?

Where are we located?

Are There Charges for the Services?

What Does the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) Entail?

What advantages does dental care and treatment in childhood actually offer?

I was just informed that my child doesn’t meet CDBS eligibility requirements, can my child still receive dental care from The Tooth Sleuths School Dental Program? If so, what are the associated costs?

Although my child doesn't meet the eligibility criteria, we do have private health insurance. Is it possible for us to utilise this service?

I’m uncertain of my child's eligibility for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). Can they still receive treatment?

Aside from the general dental checkup, will my child receive any dental treatment?

How do I get one of The Tooth Sleuths dental trucks to my child’s school?

Is there a cost to the school?

Is there a cost to us parents to have our kids' teeth checked by The Tooth Sleuths?

Does the school become involved in setting up on the day the truck is there or is the program run independently?

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