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Our mission

We take great pride in extending our support by providing free mobile dental services to all primary, secondary, and specialised schools throughout Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

Our all-encompassing initiative aims to grant students access to complimentary dental care under the Medicare Bulk Billing (Child Dental Benefit Schedule) and the same access to care for those students who do not qualify for the CDBS.

The Tooth Sleuths is proudly Doctor owned and operated. This is unique and sets our service apart with our personalised care, flexibility of scheduling, and quicker access to service adapting to your schools specific needs.

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The Tooth Sleuth Dental Fleet consists of clinical vans that travel to all schools, providing a convenient, friendly and comfortable setting for children to receive their dental care.

Our commitment to oral health seamlessly aligns with any school curriculum, ensuring that children receive a comprehensive education. These goals are achieved through not only dental treatment, but also with engaging and interactive educational oral health sessions for every child.

  • Check-ups & Cleanings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • X-rays
  • Minor repairs
  • Referrals that may be needed

We customise our care to suit each child’s specific dental requirements.

A Mobile Dental Service run by Australian registered medical doctors brings 7 key advantages

  • Clinical expertise.
    Doctors, being health professionals, bring a high level of clinical expertise to the management of the clinic. This results in a deeper understanding of clinical practice and processes and enhances informed decision-making regarding patient care.
  • A higher standard of care and adherence to ethical and clinical standards.
    Our team’s paramount focus is on great patient outcomes, clinical care and well-being. Our emphasis on quality dental care contributes to patient satisfaction and positive health and dental outcomes.
  • Better coordination with other healthcare professionals and with our patients.
    We establish long term relationships with school staff, families and the students, promoting continuity of care and a happy and collegial working environment. This leads to a better understanding of the children’s health, histories and personalised treatment plans.
  • Prioritise patient well-being above all else.
    Fostering a more patient centred approach for children receiving dental care at school.
  • Adaptability.
    Our independent, doctor operated, clinic is adaptable and responsive to changes in clinical practice, technology and healthcare regulations. This adaptability is crucial in maintaining our high standard of care.
  • Trust.
    Rest assured that a doctor operated clinic contributes to our positive reputation and trust within the community.
  • Preventive focus.
    Doctors have been trained to focus on preventative health care which aligns with promoting overall dental health. Our directing doctor oversees all the Tooth Sleuths dental staff experts and is dedicated to educating all students about maintaining great oral health practices.

If your school is enrolled in the School dental program you can sign them up using the link below

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